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Brewhouse West

Kelly Jones, a longtime motorcycle man, established his cred as a leader of the pack at his popular midtown tavern Broadway Brewhouse, which backs up to Mojo Grill, where pepper-head Ed Arace cooks up the best damned bar grub in town. Housed in the former Pig & Pie building on the far west side of […]

Brewhouse Midtown

Chef/co-owner Ed Arace cooks guy food: filling, hearty and usually spicy. Exhibit A: The New Mexico potatoes are a heaping plate of new potatoes roasted with ground chili pepper and cumin, then topped with queso sauce, chopped tomatoes, green onions and jalapeño peppers. Roasted hot wings with mild gringo sauce and the tongue-lashing Mojo wow […]

Brewhouse Downtown

Broadway Brewhouse took over the short-lived Casabona Italian restaurant, which had taken over a furniture showroom in a storefront building on Lower Broad. Owner Kelly Jones has a proven track record with his two other Brewhouses — one in Midtown and one in Bellevue — and he has teamed up with a man who knows […]

Brewhouse 100

by Carrington Fox | Nashville Scene The masterminds behind Broadway Brewhouse have launched a fourth Brewhouse nameplate in the Shops on the Harpeth. Housed in the new building to the left of the bygone One Hundred West restaurant, Brewhouse 100 serves the same Mojo Grill repertoire of spicy Cajun cuisine as the Charlotte Pike, midtown […]

Broadway Brewhouse opens a third location to thirsty patrons

by Kay West | Nashville Scene Broadway Brewhouse is now playing on Lower Broad, taking over the former Harley Holt furniture store briefly occupied by Casa Bona restaurant. The other two locations—the original in midtown backed up to Mojo Grill, and Brewhouse West on Highway 70—remain open and thriving. Co-owner Kelly Jones says he wasn’t […]

Some major mojo brewing on Broadway – Brewhouse Midtown

  Kay West | Nashville Scene Some chefs make food so pretty, you feel you should photograph it. Some chefs make food so complicated, you feel you need a pocket copy of Larousse Gastronomique to understand it. Some chefs make foods so pretentious, you feel you are not worthy. And then there is Ed Arace, […]