Brewhouse West

Kelly Jones, a longtime motorcycle man, established his cred as a leader of the pack at his popular midtown tavern Broadway Brewhouse, which backs up to Mojo Grill, where pepper-head Ed Arace cooks up the best damned bar grub in town. Housed in the former Pig & Pie building on the far west side of town, Jones’ second Brewhouse is the perfect watering hole for bikers coming off an afternoon ride down winding River Road. But you don’t have to be a biker to enjoy Brewhouse West; come twice, and the bartender and waitresses will treat you like a regular. That’s not dissimilar from the original on Broadway, but the one on Charlotte is at least three times as big, with seating indoors and out. Just like at the Broadway branch, a customer would be hard-pressed to order a beer Brewhouse doesn’t carry—and beer is the best beverage to complement Arace’s menu, much of which originated in town. House specialties include Mojo’s signature jerk chicken, a juicy roasted half-chicken marinated in island spices; and Santa Fe chicken, seasoned Southwestern style, with big chunks pulled from the bone and served with red beans and rice.  Full Article