Brewhouse West

Kelly Jones, a longtime motorcycle man, established his cred as a leader of the pack at his popular midtown tavern Broadway Brewhouse, which backs up to Mojo Grill, where pepper-head Ed Arace cooks up the best damned bar grub in town. Housed in the former Pig & Pie building on the far west side of town, Jones’ second Brewhouse is the perfect watering hole for bikers coming off an afternoon ride down winding River Road. But you don’t have to be a biker to enjoy Brewhouse West; come twice, Read more


Brewhouse Midtown

Chef/co-owner Ed Arace cooks guy food: filling, hearty and usually spicy. Exhibit A: The New Mexico potatoes are a heaping plate of new potatoes roasted with ground chili pepper and cumin, then topped with queso sauce, chopped tomatoes, green onions and jalapeño peppers. Roasted hot wings with mild gringo sauce and the tongue-lashing Mojo wow with habanero sauce are other standouts. If you can’t stand the heat, Broadway Brewhouse, home to 100 bottles of beer on the wall, stands directly in back.  Full Article


Brewhouse Downtown

Broadway Brewhouse took over the short-lived Casabona Italian restaurant, which had taken over a furniture showroom in a storefront building on Lower Broad. Owner Kelly Jones has a proven track record with his two other Brewhouses — one in Midtown and one in Bellevue — and he has teamed up with a man who knows downtown nightlife, Hardy Ross, a co-owner of the thriving Rippy’s at the corner of Fifth and Broad. There are 72 kinds of beer in bottles and on draft behind the 60-foot bar to accompany the roadhouse menu, masterminded by chef Ed Arace. Full Article


Brewhouse 100

by Carrington Fox | Nashville Scene

The masterminds behind Broadway Brewhouse have launched a fourth Brewhouse nameplate in the Shops on the Harpeth. Housed in the new building to the left of the bygone One Hundred West restaurant, Brewhouse 100 serves the same Mojo Grill repertoire of spicy Cajun cuisine as the Charlotte Pike, midtown and downtown Brewhouses, with 31 beers on tap and numerous brews available in the bottle.

Located at 8098 Highway 100, Brewhouse 100 is open 11 to 3 a.m daily.  Full Article


Broadway Brewhouse opens a third location to thirsty patrons

by Kay West | Nashville Scene

Broadway Brewhouse is now playing on Lower Broad, taking over the former Harley Holt furniture store briefly occupied by Casa Bona restaurant. The other two locations—the original in midtown backed up to Mojo Grill, and Brewhouse West on Highway 70—remain open and thriving. Co-owner Kelly Jones says he wasn’t particularly looking to open a third, but his friend, and now partner, Hardy Ross made him a deal he couldn’t refuse.    “Hardy has Rippy’s downtown, so he knows the area pretty well,” says Jones, speaking loudly over the hubbub of construction and service crews putting the final touches on the transformation of the Italian restaurant into a decidedly downscaled roadhouse. Read more


Some major mojo brewing on Broadway – Brewhouse Midtown


Kay West | Nashville Scene

Some chefs make food so pretty, you feel you should photograph it. Some chefs make food so complicated, you feel you need a pocket copy of Larousse Gastronomique to understand it. Some chefs make foods so pretentious, you feel you are not worthy.

And then there is Ed Arace, who, when describing the food he is making at Mojo Grill, says with a self-deprecating laugh, “Well, this isn’t the kind of place people are going to get dressed up and go to for their anniversary. This is pretty much regular-guy food.” Which pretty well describes Arace, a transplanted New Yorker, pepperhead, and die-hard Jets fan. He’s big and burly and in the kitchen, he opts for jeans, a T-shirt, and a ball cap over chef pants, a white jacket, and a toque.

Most recently, he was cooking at Laurell’s Central Market on 12th Avenue South. Before that, he was at Jamaica, which has since closed. Mojo Grill, which shares a building and ownership with Broadway Brewhouse, brings Arace back to the Jamaica neighborhood, which is to say a little bit Vandy, a little bit Music Row, and a little bit midtown business. Then there are fellow Jets fans, fellow pepperheads, and people who just know Ed—of which there seem to be a pretty sizable number. On a mid-week night, customers streamed in steadily, and many of them poked their heads over the counter to shout a greeting while he manned the stove.

Anyone who ever bought a keg at Major Brew won’t recognize the place, which has been transformed by the Brewhouse’s Kelly Jones into a funky, casual eatery where you place your food order at the counter, Read more